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Usher Guidelines

Usher Norms & Guidelines For Sacred Heart Catholic Church

1. All Liturgical Ministries are ministries to the assembly, and foremost in this effort is the ministry of Usher, Greeter/Minister of Hospitality.

2. Be sure that everything you do contributes to the reverent quiet that should prevail during the times of prayer and the Liturgy.

3. Ministers should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the Mass. Sign in and greet the people with whom you will be serving.

4. Know who your sacristan is.

5. Prior to the start of Mass, ONE usher will remain by the front doors of the church to welcome the assembly as they enter. ONE usher will open the doors from the Narthex leading into the church. Keeping the doors shut between people arriving will help with air condition problems. TWO ushers will start at the front of the church to usher people to available seating. Work your way to the back of the church as pews fill.

6. Ushers shall remain inside and help find seating for families until the readings begin. At that time, no one is to be seated until after the Homily. Ushers should find a place to listen to the Word of God and the Homily.

7. Please make sure that a family OR a few individuals are signed up to take up the gifts before the Liturgy begins. There is a sign-up sheet provided in the Ministers’ Room. If a special group is being honored at the Mass, try to find representatives of that group to bring up the gifts.

***Ushers should never bring the gifts up for the Presentation of the Gifts. To do so takes away involvement of members of the assembly. If you would like to present the gifts, please do so at a time when you are not scheduled to be an usher.

8. After the Intercessions, when Father is seated, bring the collection baskets forward, bow and then take up the collection. The collection should be placed in a single basket and brought up at the Presentation of the Gifts by the family or group of individuals selected prior to Mass.

9. At Communion, direct the assembly by inviting them in an orderly fashion, to receive the sacraments. The ushers will receive communion last, making sure that any disabled members of the assembly have received. Ushers are to return to their places until the conclusion of the Prayer after Communion. Do not forget that you are also part of the community at worship.

10. During the Mass, if a small child becomes fussy or noisy, invite the parent to come into the narthex of the church to quiet the child and assure them that they are welcome back once they feel the child has settled down a bit. If the parent refuses to take the child out or becomes upset, apologize and leave the situation as it is. There is nothing more you can do.

11. Handle unsupervised children gently and tactfully. They are people, too. Yet they cannot be allowed to wander in and out to the disturbance of the assembly. If they must leave, benches are provided in the narthex until they can return opportunely.

12. At the conclusion of Mass, please cover all of the exits when handing out the bulletins. *Bulletins should be retrieved from Father’s sacristy during announcements. If asked, “Bulletins are handed out at the conclusion of the Mass.:

13. The collection will be taken by Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist to Father’s sacristy after Mass.

14. If you are not able to make your scheduled time, please contact a substitute.

15. Schedules are available in the Ministers’ Room or on the parish website under Liturgy Office.

***For Masses with overflow, chairs by the tabernacle can be turned around for crowded Mass. Black folding chairs are also available in the Bride’s Room. Please return these chairs to their original position following the Mass.

Thank you for all you do for this very important ministry.

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